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About us

Heart for ALS is incorporated as a non-profit organization. A copy of the our articles of incorporation can be viewed at our site by selecting the following link: Articles of Incorporation

The following Hearts for ALS team members are dedicated to the goals of Hearts for ALS as described in our mission statement.


Angel Ayala, Murrieta, CA

 After receiving my ALS diagnosis in 2004, I saw “Hearts for ALS” as an  opportunity  to help others in their day to day activities.




Kathy Ayala, Murrieta, CA

As a spouse and caregiver of someone with ALS, I am very familiar with struggles of those with ALS. My husband and I have worked hard to get the information, equipment and the help we need.  As president of Hearts for ALS, I hope to help other families dealing with ALS.




Pam Heidorn

My name is Pam Heidorn and my husband Steve lived with ALS for 4 years before passing away in December of 2008.  I was always amazed at his determination to live life to the fullest even while fighting this debilitating disease.  Throughout those four years we tried to learn everything there was to know about ALS and how to deal with all the life changes as the disease progressed.  We met some incredible people along the way.  I am proud to be a part of Hearts for ALS and am dedicated to helping make the lives of those who live with ALS easier in any way we can.



Mary Lou

Mary Lou Carnahan, Torrance, CA

Our son-in law, Angel Ayala was diagnosed with ALS six years ago.  We wanted to help ALS patients because we knew that Angel and our daughter, Kathy had difficulty obtaining information and resources concerning ALS care. We are honored to be board members of this very important organization for ALS patients.




Heidi Dahle, Riverside, CA

I first became aware of ALS when one of my husband's family member was diagnosed with ALS. Originally my husband played golf in the annual golf tournament that was sponsored by Loma Linda University Hospital and I attended the dinner and auction. In 2004 I decided to join the golf planning committee and became one of the co-chairpersons for the golf tournament.  Currently I am the Treasurer for Hearts for ALS, Inc. and part of the annual golf tournament committee.  Over the past years I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with a wonderful group of people that have ALS, or have had a family member or friend that has been afflicted with this disease.  Each and every person has left a mark or memory on my heart and that is why I do what I do.  Thank you for all your support!




Audrey Kostka , Riverside, CA

Hearts for ALS is near and dear to my heart because I lost my mom to this disease 11 1/2 years ago at the young age of 51.  She had a heart for people, especially for people with ALS.  She was the one who suggested we raise money to help with the needs of patients, and families, with ALS.  So, thirteen years ago we had our first golf tournament fund raiser and I've been committed to raising money and providing for the needs of patients ever since.  It is my privilege to serve as a committee member for Hearts for ALS as well as my joy when we are able to make a difference in the life of a person with ALS.